So many initials so little time.  So we had parent teacher conference last night for Hayden with her teacher and her speech therapist.  They are going to recommend the occupational therapist to evaluate her.  She lacks strength in her body as well as her mouth.  So along with the CAS she also lacks strength in her mouth to make the words too.  They were waiting for her to develop more of an attention span before they started the ot so that she’d benefit from it.  So now there is going to be more people assisting Hayden to find her words, which is a good thing.  Whatever will help her I am all for.

We go next month for the IEP review.  I was not present for the initial review and neither was her father as we were not aware of what was going on.  Her grandma took her as it was explained to me by her dad just a evaluation.  He acted like he was doing it all only to find out she had an IEP and he never told me (no, no animosity here).  I on the other hand never knew one existed until I was able to get my hands on it to find out he never took her to begin with.  So now I’ll be able to sit down with the school and find out what it really means.


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