Differences from a year ago

My daughter continually amazes (and saddens) me.  I am amazed at how far she has come in the last year.  A year ago she was 3 and hadn’t started her preschool yet.  Now she is 4 and has been at her preschool for a full year.  Before she would never try to say any new words, she only had a few words she would even say and many of them were not the entire word.  Now she tries to say new words and has a much larger vocabulary now, yet not where she should be.  She’s a little more outgoing than she was, she’s not so scared of people any more.  Now she’s even helping the new younger student in her class, showing her the ropes as that was her a year ago.  Even though its been slow going I am glad she is making progress and hoping she continues on this path and the progress keeps coming for her.