The End of 2011 and Start of 2012

As I find myself back to this blog I realize I didn’t do so well on it.  The last post was over 10 months ago.  I guess that should be added to the resolutions list to do this more.

But life is so busy that things fall by the wayside for me like always.  With work alone by the time I get home I want to do nothing.  Then on the weeks I have the kids it is busy busy busy.  Just to get them home, dinner made, homework done, and into bed is a sprint.  We got a pool this summer so we took advantage of running home and jumping into the pool for a bit before dinner and bed.  This past 2 weeks kids and myself have been sick so trying to get us better before the holidays.

In November we found out that Hayden failed a hearing test at school where they tested frequencies.  So they referred us to an educational audiologist.  I made the appointment and when we arrived she checked in Hayden’s ears and the ear drum was covered in wax so she couldn’t do the testing she really wanted to.  So when she went the next day for her 5 year check up they were able to flush that out but low and behold she still had an ear infection lingering from the week before.  So now she got a 10 day round of anti-biotic.  Now we have to wait a few weeks to make sure the ears are all cleared up before we go back to audiologist.  I am praying that she doesn’t have hearing loss.

Next after the hearing situation is figured out it is on to the neurologist.  Hayden just had her 5th birthday so now is the time to do this.  Time to figure out if there is anything else going on with my Hayden.  Anything else that we can help her out with.  While she has made huge improvements this past year she is still not quite where she needs to be.  Sometimes I look at her in things she does or how she is and I can’t help but think this is not how a 5 year old should be.  It saddens me to think that.  Also need to get her prepared for kindergarten next year.  Her teachers at her early learning center are worried about her ability to do well in kindergarten.  So for the next few months it is going to be push push push with her.  Even though she is very good at pushing back and not wanting to do work at home.  Although I have seen a change in her this school year.  Now she gets excited to do work, she sees her older sister get out her backpack to do homework and she wants to play along.  Sometimes that is all it is, is her playing along but sometimes she wants to do homework.

So in 2012 here is to hoping to figure what is going on with Hayden and posting on this blog more!


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