Bad Dreams

So, Hayden has started complaining about having bad dreams. It started on Halloween. She was a witch for Halloween and that didn’t seem to bother her. Then when we went trick-or-treating she saw a teenager with a scary mask and was freaked out. Cool thing was he we were following each other around the neighborhood and he realized he was freaking out the little kids and took his mask off. After trick-or-treating I put Hayden’s witch costume in her closet and then she started complaining about bad dreams and about witches. So I’ve taken the costume out of her closet and the nightly complaints continue. She tries every trick in the book, she wants lights on, she wants me to lay with her, she wants to sleep with me. But she has only woken up one time since Halloween with a night terror during the night. She complains about bad dreams but only woke up once. So it’s a nightly struggle with her to get her to go to bed and when she is over tired it is worse. I hope this phase will pass soon.