Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, obviously!

Hayden is in 1st grade.  She had to change schools this year due to her father passing away in April 2013 (story for another time).  I was worried about it as always but as she always does she proved to me there was nothing to worry about. 

She’s made huge progress!!  We found out from her kindergarten speech teacher that her tongue was tied.  It was clipped in June after school let out and it was crazy how much that changed her speech right away.  She still has a ways to go as the doctor said her tongue was like that for 6.5 years and that is how she functioned so now she needs to retrain herself. 

It’s crazy the things she is saying now.  She can have a conversation with you and tell you what she wants, or needs, or thinks.  She still has times where she is hard to understand but they are getting less and less.

She’s doing pretty well in school too.  She still has a long way to go to catch up to where she needs to be but she is making progress. 

I’m just extremely proud of her and all she has done and dealt with!